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     SEPTEMBER 16, 2017     FOUR POINTS SHERATON  Pleasanton   California


It started on Friday afternoon at 5pm with a tour of our old high school.  We were met by Greg Ochs driving a huge golf cart to give everyone rides from the parking lot.  Nice! We discovered that not one single original building is left.  They now have 2100 students.  It was a marvelous tour and we got to hear the band warming up in the music room before the game.  We toured the Math Bldg. and saw the Performing Arts Center. Then over to the football field for dinner which was served to us by our guides.  Really nice and delicious too.  Our very own football guys were honored walking through a tunnel of pom poms held by the cheerleaders - and introduced one by one.  Quite a moment.  And then the game...SRVHS won 59 - 0 !!!!

At the same time of the game Judy had a gathering at her daughter's house for those who chose not to attend game.  It was lovely with tasty appetizers, etc.

Saturday night was our night to party and party we did.  As you will see from the photos we had a great time and enjoyed our honored guests:  Jim Cozens and his granddaughter, Samantha and Sharlee Ellsworth Bradley and her friend Juan Kelly.  We picked up right where we left off !

We had talks on "Yesterday" by Jim Baker and "Tomorrow" by Nancy Bergmans.  Lloyd was to deliver "Today" but he had to cancel.  Thank you,  we enjoyed your talks and some of us took Nancy's and put it right into action with hugs and Thank you, I love you, Please forgive me and I forgive you! Beautiful!

And then on to our Trivia Challenge Game hosted by Steve Freeman and Judy Adams.  We had 4 teams - Black, Gold, Silver and Green.  It was a very close contest and lots of fun.  

Thank you everyone for your sentiments and your complements and for being there which was so very important to all of us.  I believe our class, the class of '57, was an unusual class in that so many of us stayed in touch over the years -- 60 of them in fact.  Wow!  It was hard to say goodbye at the end of the party and some of us talked up having breakfast on Sunday morning which was very nice.

Take care everyone!  Thank you! Stay in touch when you think of it and keep checking the website. 

Photo Credits:  Amy, Dale, Ferrel, Jim, Lorene, Sheila -- Thank you! 

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